Lundi 23 juin 2003 - Tout va bien à bord d'Imram !

Voici un premier récit en Anglais (internet oblige).

St. Malo - La Cité Corsaire

Monday 23 June 9.00

At last the amazing spell of hot weather that St Malo has been experiencing
for the last month has been replaced by typical bracing Breton weather:
blue skies and a pleasant breeze off the sea. Our departure from St. Malo
for Scotland has been delayed by 24 hours, for several reasons.

Firstly there were several little adjustments still to be made to Imram, notably
the tensioning of the shrouds and the replacement of several worn ropes.
Also we have been waiting for a number of spare parts to arrive at St Malo.
This delay gave us the opportunity yesterday (22 June) to test Imram under
sail before venturing across the Channel. We left harbour just before
midday with a nice breeze (force 3-4) and sailed around the bay for 4
hours. Even with our huge 3 tonne load of provisions, bringing Imram's
total weight up to 11 tonnes, we still made a steady 8-9 knots (around 16
km/hr). In spite of all the extra weight, Imram seemed to handle well,
despite Rob inadvertently lowering the gib on 2 occasions!

Back in harbour we made the final adjustments before an excellent dinner of
crepes and galettes in the old town of St Malo. All of us, i.e., Peter,
Lisa, Barbara, Rob and Philip, slept well after the day's exertions and we
are now all eager to be off on the first stage of our long northward adventure.

Imram onboard mail.


ACAPELA, juin 2003

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