Vendredi 27 juin 2003 - Milford

Friday 27 June

Today we at last had real sailing conditions. After an early breakfast, we
set sail at 8.30 and encountered our first problem: the engine started
coughing and spluttering. While Peter ran through his strong language
vocabulary, we hastily raised the sails and set off. Once out of the lee
of Bryher we felt the full force of the Atlantic waves raised by a force 6
wind, which we were to experience continuously for the next 12 hours.
Peter, Rob and Philip all had a go at the helm, which required massive
concentration to hold the required course. Imram's speed frequently reached
10 knots and occasionally 12 knots. Most of the waves, up to 2 metres in
height, were predictable except for the one that deposited litres of water
down hemlsman Philip's neck and hit Imram with such force that Barbara was
tossed off the floor and landed on top of Lisa!
The wind only abated once we were in the shelter of Milford Haven, where we
anchored for the night.

Imram onboard mail.

Mer d'huile

ACAPELA, juillet 2003

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