Mercredi 2 juillet 2003

Wednesday 2 July

We are moored in an idyllic spot - Loch Tarbert, Isle of Jura - with nothing around us except sea and the heather-covered hills. Not another human being in sight. This evening, while supper was cooking, we set off in the Zodiac to explore one of Jura's strange natural phenomena - its raised beaches. These pebbly beaches, way above sea level, are a left-over from the last Ice Age and are criss-crossed with strange tracks. Behind the beach was a large freshwater lake, tempting but cold. Then back to Imram for a super meal of spaghetti, cabbbage salad and banane flambée, followed by a dram of whisky on deck under the stars.

Imram onboard mail.

Jura pebble beach

Jura loch tarbert


ACAPELA, juillet 2003

pg 05/03